What is the difference between a Gift Subscription and a Prepaid plan?

The main difference between a gift subscription and a prepaid subscription is that the gift subscription has a voucher that must be redeemed to set up the deliveries. Though both subscriptions are for a pre-determined amount of time, the gift subscription starts whenever the voucher is redeemed. When a gift recipient redeems their voucher, they set up an account for themselves with their email and address. 

Another difference is that prepaid subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the term once they are completed. Gift subscriptions do not automatically renew.

Finally, prepaid subscriptions are set up for half a year (26 weeks) rather than 6 months whereas gift subscriptions are set up for 6 months, (assuming 4 weeks per month).

To summarize, if you are buying for yourself and ready to commit for 6 months, grab a prepaid subscription. If you are buying for someone else, it's best to purchase a gift subscription.

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