How do I make cold brew?

Making cold-brewed coffee is simply brewing coffee in cold water. When you are brewing coffee with cold (or room temperature water) you will have to steep the coffee for a long time in order to for it to brew to full strength.

The Recipe

What you will need

  • a 32oz jar or pitcher
  • a large filter bag


  • 1200 grams / 5.25 cups of water
  • 170 grams / 6 oz of ground coffee


  • grind coffee to a size that is slightly larger than for your drip coffee machine
  • fill a large teabag or muslin pouch with ground coffee and tie the top tight
  • add the filter bag to the jar
  • pour water into the jar
  • stir or gently shake the contents of the jar to fully soak the filter bag in water.
  • put in a cool dark place for 16 hours
  • after 16 hours, lift the filter bag and let the last bit of liquid drip out of it
  • remove the filter bag and discard
  • pour the contents of your jar over ice and add milk or water to taste
  • store your cold brew in the refrigerator

We also make a Kit here:

which provides you with coffee pre-ground for cold brew in a filter bag that you only need to put in a Jar and add water to steep overnight. There is also an instruction card that comes with this kit which guides you through the process step-by-step.

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