Can I request a specific coffee for my delivery?

Yes absolutely!

As a reminder, for your subscription, we only send coffees belonging to your favorite profiles from the tasting kit. You can set that up here

But if you want to request a specific coffee for a delivery, you can do that by going to our coffees page (login and active subscription required).

1) Scroll to the coffee you would like, and then select 'Request for subscription delivery'. 

2) If you have a 2lb or greater subscription, you can select a 2nd coffee in the drop-down menu, under 'Select your second coffee'.

Please note that we change coffees every 4 weeks, so if your delivery is scheduled to ship after the current set of coffees, you won't be able to request until the new coffees are released. However, we do send an email before we send your order and you can request your coffee then! 

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