Can I get the first package shipped to me, and the rest to the gift recipient?

Absolutely! You can ship the first one to you and hand it to your gift recipient in person. We’ll add instructions for them to redeem the rest of their subscription. Please enter your shipping address in the Checkout page.

On the Delivery step of the Gift Customizer, please choose the "Send the first box to me (so I can gift in person)" option...

Here's more information about how this works -

We'll ship the Tasting Kit (first delivery in all gift subscriptions) to your address (gift Giver). That first box will include a gift receipt that has a gift voucher and instructions for the gift recipient to redeem (set up) the rest of their subscription. This is where the gift recipient will update or provide a new shipping address, grind type (or re-confirm whole beans) and set their preferences for the coffees they liked from the Tasting Kit.

We do this so that the gift recipient and gift giver do not have to share accounts or Taste Profiles.

Note that we do not need the gift recipient's shipping address when you are shipping to yourself. If the address is the same, we will still ask the gift recipient for confirmation when they are redeeming (setting up) the rest of their subscription.

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