Hello Driftaway community!

Tl;dr - no printed postcards this month. Link to digital versions.

Long version -

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy at this unprecedented time. I wanted to let you know that due to delays related to COVID-19 at our printing provider and with UPS deliveries at our production facility, the coffee postcards that everyone loves so much did not arrive for this month (April 2020) and so we shipped your coffee without them. At this point, it is looking like we will not be receiving the postcards all month and we'll be shipping the remaining three weeks without them as well. 

We took extra precautions to order much earlier than our usual order date, and double/triple checked along the way. But we were not able to get them delivered to us. We are really sorry about that. We have a plan in place for next month's postcards (May 2020) that should work. Fingers crossed :)

In the meantime, please find all four postcards here (hi-res versions included if you are able to print).

We are really excited about this month's coffees with a couple of fresh crops of your favorites back for 2020 (Burundi and Colombia), and an exceptional Bold profile African coffee (Congo) that is just tasting delightful in this work-from-home spring weather.

And just as a reminder, we're still roasting and shipping on our regular schedule. We've taken various steps to sanitize, maintain social distance and reduce the number of people at our fulfillment facility at one time. All shipping carriers are operating on a normal basis, and we expect everything to continue as-is.

We also have plenty of green coffee in stock to roast and fulfill your orders. If you'd like to stock up or get more of a coffee from your subscription, please visit our Coffees page.

Thank you and stay safe!

Suyog @ Driftaway Coffee