How long is the coffee fresh?

In general, our coffee is fresh for up to 3 weeks after it is delivered. It is still delicious for a few more weeks after, but it does lose a bit of the depth of flavor that a fresh coffee has.

Coffee doesn't go bad, but it does get stale, which causes it to lose any distinct flavor characteristics, and taste more and more ordinary. As long as you store the coffee in an airtight container, away from sunlight, coffee can retain flavor and nuance up to 21 days from the roast date. 

How long a coffee stays fresh also varies by the specific bean, and has to do with density and roast level:

  • Lighter roasted coffees will stay fresher longer, so you can expect a lighter roast (our Fruity and Balanced profiles, for example) to retain more flavor and nuance a little bit past 21 days. 
  • Darker roasted coffees will stale more quickly, so for our Classic and Bold profiles, expect a range closer to around 21 days before you start to notice a decrease in flavor. 

If you have old coffee, you can make ice cream, coffee cake, face masks, use it as a fertilizer, pest repellent, to dye clothes, or use as a cleaning abrasive!

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