Are your coffee Fair Trade, Organic, RainForest Alliance certified?

Our sourcing policy is to strive to maintain as much traceability to the farmer as possible, and we try to support small farmers as much as possible.​ We purchase coffees that are certified when we can, and we work with importers that we know pay fair prices to the producers and farmers directly.

One of the reasons why we don't always have coffees that are certified is that, frequently, producers can’t afford to be certified. Even though they need the help and may be doing everything required, all of these certifications cost money. For farmers who don’t have the capital to pay for the certification, they’re unable to qualify.

Certifications should be supported, but they are not the only way of helping producers. Many efforts are unofficial and remain uncertified.

We've outlined some of the ways we've chosen to make an impact in our blog post, Our Take on Fair Trade.

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