Home: What if my kit arrives late?

We will send tracking info for all kits in your intro email.

  • Check if tracking says it arrived or is still in transit. 

Still in transit with an arrival date after your current scheduled session, and need to reschedule? No problem - rescheduling is easy!

  1. If you’ve added it to your calendar, just click on the appointment, and you’ll see a “View/Change Appointment” link

Or, go to your initial confirmation email from Driftaway, and scroll down to “Change/Cancel Appointment”

You’ll be taken to the rescheduling page: 

Just click on “Reschedule”, and you’ll see the calendar with all available future dates: 

After choosing a new date & time, you’ll see a green banner on the top of the page letting you know you’ve successfully rescheduled: 

and it will automatically send a new confirmation email: 

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